What people really think of the Shahbag protest

2 Mar

EVERYONE PLEASE READ THIS (VERY IMPORTANT): I am the son of a freedom fighter and I swear by the name of my father that i am an atheist. I had voted for AL last election. I was often told by my BNP friends that Mujib alone was responsible for the murder of 40000 bengalis by Rakkhi Bahini, that AL leaders were hiding during the war and supported liberation war just for personal power. I didn’t care. Whatever his motive was, by supporting him we got Bangladesh. I wanted a secular Bangladesh. But what AL did since 2009 made me realize that people were not so wrong after all. BDR, Shagar Runi, Felani, Railway scandal, Hallmark, destiny, stock loots, extrajudicial killings, the shaming of Yunus, murders and rapes by Chatra League with impunity, Padma bridge and nationalizing of Banks and the draining of national GDP made me realize that AL is the biggest danger for the country now. No rajakar individually killed more than Mujib or Hasina did. Even then I support the trial of 1971 rajakars. But it should not make way for Awami League coming to power again because that will be more harmful for the country. But Shahbag is doing exactly that. They are trying to divert people from recent Awami crimes against the nation. Under the cover of justice for 1971, their main motive is to create public support for Awami League. Awami league has intentionally given a life sentence to Molla to create the protest for the hanging of Molla. This protest instead of protesting AL’s failure to prosecute properly, turned its angers towards the defendants, (motivated internally by AL through Imran who is an inside man of AL) and through nationwide yellow journalism. I believe AL will not hang the rajakars till next election by giving excuse that the appeals and court procedures are taking time, and then they will say that give us vote again and we will hang the rajakars. People will have no choice but to vote Awami League backed by popular Shahbag. Its all election drama. Playing with the sentiments of 1971 is as horrible as all other crimes by AL. And even if the trial of Rajakars of 1971 was so important at this moment, why AL did not create a fair tribunal? Why not demand punishment of all rajakars? If rajakars can say that the tribunal of war criminals for 1971 is not fair, then that would be an insult to the shaheeds of 1971. This is also the reason that Jamaat is getting the chance to protest, and by openly firing at those protesters (without using other means before), a nationwide mass killing and civil war is on the way. Why is Shahbag making a miserable country more miserable? I believe that AL thugs killed Rajib Haider to make the protest stronger, knowing that the blame will automatically fall on Jamaat since Rajib was an atheist. I think the same about the fire at book fair and the burning of hindu temples. Did they even think of bangladesh’s international reputation? What public can legally demand is actually the trial of a criminal. Don’t they know that public cannot demand a particular verdict from the court? Won’t the world think that Bangladesh is an illiterate nation run by illiterate thugs? Government is financing the protest like anything. Shahbag is threatening and the government is taking action against all anti-government, even neutral media and intellectuals. They are calling true freedom fighters such as Bongobir Kader Siddiqui as rajakars just for the fault of not supporting the government. There are reports of extortions, abductions and marijuana abuse by shahbag mob. All they are actually doing is killing democracy and supporting a dangerous and fascist AL. Language movement of 1952 and Liberation war of 1971 brought good to the country. What good is shahbag bringing today except destruction? I support the spirit of protest of some youth in Shahbag, but they are actually harming the country this time with their thoughtless new patriotism. After finding out the true face of Shahbag many people are now against shahbag (which the media will not let you know), and the only people who are now in shahbag are 1) paid traitors of AL 2) importance seekers who want to believe that they will become nesw heros 3) emotional but dumb people who can’t understand what is good for the country. The truly patriotic (and intelligent) people of Bangladesh will one day punish AL and Shahbag traitors (the leading ones) for their conspiracy against the country. They will also one by one punish all other criminals in AL, BNP and Jamaat. People want the true patritism of 1971 back, the politics of nations real success and development. They want new faces in politics. Long live Bangladesh!